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Welcome to SoCo!

At SoCo Music Project we are passionate about making a difference by providing positive, creative opportunities for people of all ages. Whether it is by discovering something new or nurturing creative potential, we develop projects that engage, inspire and entertain.

Over the last five years we have worked with thousands of people and delivered hundreds of projects, from early years storytelling to major music events, from intergenerational film making to regional creative conferences. We do this because we understand the need for creativity in everyone, and we see the talent all around us.

SoCo exists to promote and develop the creative and cultural offer in the region. Have a look around this site to discover more...

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Courthouse Launches!

20th October 2014 by admin

On Saturday October 18, SoCo Music Project and their arts partners officially launched The Courthouse with live music, storytelling, performance events and whole host of creative music and arts workshops.

Director Matt Salvage is excited to see the court complex get a new lease of life.

“We have two large performance spaces and a lobby with a café as well as rehearsal and studio space. Read more…

SoCo gets creative…

23rd May 2014 by admin

At SoCo Music Project we like a challenge. We work across Hampshire developing a strategic overview of music provision for young people, we run all sorts of workshops, from vegetable orchestras to mental health music clubs. We also take on exciting new projects that we think can change the face of music in innovative and positive ways.  Read more…

SoCo to be part of national Youth Music programme

30th April 2014 by admin

Southampton pupils are set to benefit from a £120,000 music charity grant awarded to SoCo Music Project.

The project is part of ‘EXCHANGING NOTES’ A national study exploring the benefits of alternative approaches to music education for young people at risk of exclusion or outside of mainstream education. Read more…