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This is the first of our series of profiles of the artists on the Sounds of Southampton Vol 2 album. Today we meet Leah Tolksdorf.

SoCo: Hi Leah, can we start off with you just telling me your name and the name of your track?

LT: Yes, I’m Leah Tolksdorf and my song is Low-Key Denied, it’s a collaboration with Joseph

SoCoOkay, cool thanks. Can you talk me through anything you’ve learned through this project? Are there any particular things, new skills?

LT: Oh, this is a really good question. Definitely, I feel like I’ve learned how to engage my audience on Instagram more – I’m active anyway. But I feel like the content that I’ve started to post with the sound, it comes across as being more professional. So my engagement is shooting right up, which is amazing. People are taking my content more seriously, I guess. And like, understanding me. Yeah, I’ve definitely learned more about my audience and how to actually engage them, that’s probably the main thing I’ve learned. And talking to other artists has really helped too. I am confident person, understanding that I meet people now that I could work with in the future – maybe I could help them or they help me.. so I’ve learned about networking a bit more as well. I think that’s definitely a skill.

SoCo: Do you feel like being part of the project has helped you?

LT: Yeah, definitely. It has helped me express myself in a way. I wrote the song like two years ago but the standard of production is completely different. And I’m happy. It’s much more professional than the music I could make if I had to just create in my bedroom. It sounds like I want it to sound.

SoCo: Do you think it’s helped with your progression through the music? Yeah, definitely.

SoCo: Do you think this project has had an impact on your wellbeing on your emotional state, do you feel it has had a positive impact on you?

LT: Yeah. I’d say I feel less stressed about the future, because it’s made me think, oh, I can build a fan base. I know there is potential. But before I was thinking more like, ‘Oh, my God, I finish uni next year. And I don’t know I’m doing my life’. Laughs so Yeah, it’s sort of taking away some of that planning into me.

SoCo: That’s brilliant, I’m really happy to hear that. So it’s giving you a bit more of a positive feeling. Has it helped you feel more focused, more able to set your own goals? Anything else?

LT: Yeah, definitely. Because it’s just like, it’s just been crazy! I had like Engine Rooms, literally last night, and then you need headlines, and then this and then the billboard is there like I need to actually plan my days instead of being like, oh, yeah, I’m gonna do this today. Yeah, so more time management. 100%.

SoCo: Do you have any other thoughts or ideas or feedback about the project as a whole?

LT: I think it’s been really, really good. I think it’s a shame to have only met up with the other people from the album, like twice, it would have been nice, maybe to meet them before and mingle a little bit.

SoCo: What do think is your next step?

LT: For myself, as an artist, just continue releasing music really? Do as much live shows as I can.

Listen to Leah’s track on Spotify here, find out more about her on her website and connect with her on Instagram here or Facebook here

Watch the launch video here and listen to the album here

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