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In the third of our series of profiles of the artists on the Sounds of Southampton Vol 2 album, today we meet Amy Da Silva

SoCo: Hi there! First of all can you just tell me your name, please?

Amy: My name is Amy Da Silva

SoCo: And your track?

Amy: It’s Think Twice

SoCo: Great. And can you tell me, do you think there are any skills that you’ve developed through the project?

Amy: Yes, definitely! claps I’ve actually gained a lot more confidence during this project. I don’t know if that’s a skill, but I’ve definitely got more confident. I’ve also learned more about what going on in production, by going into most of the studio sessions. I’ve been able to watch and see what, let’s say Jojo’s been doing stuff like that. I actually really wanted to do something like that in college when I first went in, but I wasn’t able to, unfortunately. So yeah, it’s really inspired me. I’m very happy.

SoCo: Is that something you’re interested in, doing the production?

Amy: Yes, that is something I’m interested in as well.

SoCo: Cool. Okay, great. Do you think this being part of the project has helped you to express yourself through your music?

Amy: Yeah, definitely. It’s really helped me express myself. Let me explain, for example, the certain things that I would want to say, but I prefer writing it in a song, do you know what I mean? So I’ve been able to express myself in ways that I love. And, for example, most of my songs are like Afro beats and stuff, so I’m really, really happy I got to to express that side of me as well, because not many people think that that’s a part of me.

SoCo: Okay. Yeah, that’s interesting. And do you think it’s helped you progress with your music as well?

Amy: Yes, it definitely has. I would never have thought I’d be in this position. Like, let’s say two years ago, but I’m really glad I did sing at that little show, because then… you know what I mean? smiles

SoCo: Yeah, that’s great. Yeah. And as talking a bit about well being, do you think it’s helped you with your mental health? Do you feel like it’s put you in a more like, positive, emotional state?

Amy: Definitely! When Corona happened, there was a big pause, and I really thought that my song wasn’t going to come out or anything, everything was stopped. I didn’t really have anything else to do. And I wasn’t writing and it was a really hard time for me. And things at home were happening and people dying, and it was really hard for me. And as soon as I heard that, this is going to happen again I got so excited. I was even more happier to learn I was in it. And I got even more excited to find out I could sing a song by myself as well. I just love it. I love it when we do these things.

SoCo: Great. And has it given you a more positive outlook? Does it make you feel like more optimistic about the future?

Amy: Yeah, it definitely does, because not a lot of people in Southampton get this opportunity, and it’s quite rewarding getting this opportunity. Southampton is not very like known for all of this, and just to be picked out and noticed is amazing.

SoCo: Yeah, you definitely deserve it. And do you feel like it’s given you a sense of empowerment? Do you feel more more focused and able to set your goals?

Amy: Yes, it definitely has. This has led me to a side where I know what I want to do, college wise as well and in the future. It’s really inspired me to carry on with my music and not stop it. For example, my sister, she loves singing, she can sing better than me. But she lost motivation. And so she stopped. But I really hope to do something with her in the future as well. So, I really want to carry on my music, so I don’t want to lose it.

SoCo: Okay, that’s cool. Do you have you got any other thoughts or ideas or feedback about the project itself? Generally?

Amy: Everything’s gone as it should, as planned.

SoCo: And what you think would be most useful for you going forward? What help do you need next as you progress even more in your music?

Amy: The way we’ve been doing it is I really appreciate the opportunity and what we’ve done so far

SoCo: Brilliant that’s really useful, thanks Amy that’s great!

Listen to Amy’s track on Spotify here, and connect with her on Instagram here

Watch the launch video here and listen to the album here

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