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Continuing our series, in today’s Sounds of Southampton Vol 2 artist profile we meet Lash.

SoCo: Could we start off with you telling me your name, please?

Lash: I’m Lash

SoCo And the name of your track?

Lash: It’s Grind On

SoCo: Great, thanks. So – what have you learned from being involved in the project?

Lash: I have learned to collaborate with different artists from different genres of music to create a complex piece

SoCo:  Amazing, And how has being part of the project has helped you express yourself through your music, or develop your music?

Lash: It’s allowed me to show my producing abilities which are not as prominent as my deejaying and rapping

SoCo:  That’s great – good to add more skills and show them off. What other impact has this project had on your wellbeing, your emotional state?

Lash: It has made me excited and intrigued on what’s to come music wise in the city

SoCo:  There’s loads going on, right? Has the project helped you feel more focused, more motivated?

Lash: To be honest, absolutely yes. It was motivation that got me on Sounds of Southampton vol. 2 so if anything it has made me more motivated and focused for projects to come

SoCo:  Brilliant thanks. Do you have any other thoughts or ideas or feedback do you have about the project as a whole?

Lash: I feel that the initial build up promotion of the project was great , but the promotion after has died down a lot and I feel they could have kept the hype up during video releases, also I think it should be bigger than it is in terms of how many people know about it and the age range also as it seems there were more kids than adults who had heard about it .

SoCo:  Hmm, yes – we are hoping to get the videos out ASAP. What will your next step be?

Lash: To continue releasing songs, deejaying at venues and producing beats and see which blows first

SoCo: Great – thanks for talking to us, that’s fantastic

Listen to Lash’s’s track on Spotify here, and connect with him on Instagram here

Watch the launch video here and listen to the full album here

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