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Over the past few weeks we’ve been writing about our Sustainable Early Years Music project – SEYM – and we’re excited to be talking about this in the upcoming Training the Community Musician Symposium in Bristol next week.

As the creative force behind SEYM, Ignacio will be presenting and he has plenty to talk about. There is a website coming, and an article written with the Royal College of Music. Ignacio will be discussing the role community musicians (or community music teams) might have in conceiving – and logistically supporting – sustainable musical legacies in settings where they work, and the implications this can have in the training of new practitioners.

Questions attendees could consider beforehand are:

  • What happens when the project ends? 
  • Does the transformational impact and experience of shared meaning facilitated by community music work remain a potent force of positive change within the settings, or do they fade over time? 
  • Can community music address systemic or structural issues that create the need for community music in the first place? 
  • Can community musicianship be decentralised from the figure of the specialist practitioner, and re-imagined as strategic collaboration across participants and communities of practice, with community musicians and administrators performing adaptable roles that involve coordination/mentoring, as much as direct facilitation?

We are very much looking forward to the event and to meeting other people who are passionate about community music, too. If you’ve not booked yet, you can get your tickets here.

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