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Today, Sunday 20th February, is the World Day of Social Justice.

Last year, this day focused on the digital divide – not just within countries, but between them.  While we are seeing technology race ahead with drone deliveries being trialled, cloud storage available to us all, smart lights, screens and doorbells, millions of people still do not have access to electricity, and so the progress we experience is a long way from their experience. As a society, we must be mindful of this divide and remember that true progress is shared.

Music unites us though, Wherever there are people, there is music. Whether there is electricity or none, if there are people, there are voices. Percussion instruments can be as simple as a foot tapping, a hand marking time, a stick beating against another. So rather than thinking about the divide, we want to think about what unites us, what  we share.

On the world day of social justice, what could you listen to to give you an insight into somewhere different? Why not explore RadioGarden and listen in to local radio from anywhere in the world? Enjoy the music!

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