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SoCo Music Project is all about people… without our dedicated team of staff and volunteers we wouldn’t exist. Find out more about the people that make it happen, and if you want to get involved, please get in touch.


SoCo Directors

Jon Haughton

Jon has a wealth of music experience, as well as a background in acoustic technology and audio engineering. Jons’ professional career started in the field of Earthquake monitoring, telemetry and recording equipment but has always had parallels with music and acoustics.  A stint at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton for some 20 years followed, Jon developed a keen interest in the science of sound, as well as maintaining a passion for music production and performance. Since developing SoCo Music Project with Matt, Jon has been involved in all aspects of the running and development of a dynamic and expanding arts organisation. As well as the strategic planning and delivery of music activities, Jon has maintained his interest in acoustic engineering by designing and overseeing the build of several recording and radio studio projects. Contact Jon

Matt Salvage

Matt is a trained sound engineer and music composer, with experience of working in some exciting London recording studios and producing music for film and television. Matt’s career has taken many turns, including spells in retail, electronic engineering, IT and graphic design. A passion for music has been a consistent theme that lead to Matt gaining qualifications in sound engineering and music production. After introducing young people to music technology in schools across London, Matt discovered the value of engaging and inspiring children and young people through positive and creative opportunities. On returning to his home town of Southampton, Matt co-founded SoCo Music Project with Jon after identifying a need for co-ordinated music activities that produced positive social outcomes in the city. Matt has a keen interest in music performance and production, as well as a passion for promoting the cultural offer of the city. Contact Matt


SoCo Staff

Louis Duarte

Louis graduated from Solent University with a degree in Popular Music and Record Production. A keen performer, producer and songwriter, Louis works in many genres, from pop and folk, to drum & bass. After joining SoCo through the Solent University Graduate Intern scheme, Louis has become a skilled music practitioner introducing people of all ages and abilities to the world of music. Contact Louis

Mark Scott

Mark has been working with SoCo for 2 years as the Adult Learning Officer, developing and delivering an exciting programme of work for adults across the city. These programmes include workshops in music production, songwriting and performance. Mark is a keen flautist and saxophonist with a 1st class honours degree in music from Kingston University. Contact Mark

Marie Negus

Marie is a committed, passionate and skilled arts professional with over eight years experience working in live and participatory arts (with a specialism in music), creative learning, and the strategic development of innovative arts and cultural programmes. Throughout her career she has gained a diverse base of knowledge and expertise from working for organisations that are inspirational and innovative in the sector.

Marie currently works freelance for SoCo Music Project as the Youth Projects Development Officer and believes that arts experiences are an extremely powerful tool for exploring issues, ideas and building confidence in young people and inspiring young minds to be creative.

Marie is passionate about live music, specifically folk and emerging genres. Contact Marie