10th January 2018 in Blog

Exchanging Notes Case Study: SoCo Music Project and Rosewood Free School

Exchanging Notes   We are embarking on the final and fourth year of our Exchanging Notes Project, which has seen some phenomenal outcomes (musical, personal and social) for young people... Read More
26th May 2017 in Blog

Measuring the Impact of the Arts

On the 15th May 2017 The CHAOS Network hosted an afternoon of discussion and exploration about how, as artists and arts organisations, we can better measure the impact of our…

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4th May 2017 in Blog

The National Curriculum vs. Extra Curricular Activities

My name is Olly Lewis and I work for SoCo Music Project, a local organisation that specialises in improving music provision within the county of Hampshire. In this blog I…

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4th April 2017 in Blog

Accessing thoughts, feelings and emotions in young people with autism and learning difficulties using songwriting

My name is Jim Chorley and I work for SoCo Music Project. I’m a community music practitioner with my specialism being songwriting. I work with groups of vulnerable young people…

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