Coronavirus Support

In these challenging times there is a wealth of support, advice and resources to help artists, children, young people and parents/carers. We’ve assembled some that we hope you will find useful. Please note that SoCo is not affiliated with any of these websites and so cannot be held accountable for any of the content held within.

Useful links for general Coronavirus info & support

Useful links for Mental Health support

Useful links for Music Leaders and Parents/Carers

Useful links for making-music with children

  • Body Beats – online body percussion sessions with Ollie Tunmer, former STOMP cast member. Now delivered daily online at 11am
  • BBC: Found Sounds with Yolanda Brown – Making instruments out of objects around the home
  • Garageband – music creation studio, download for iPad / Mac.
  • Musical Toad has free tutorial videos to support learning how to use the Garageband app on iPads 
  • Chrome Music Lab – free access to a variety of activities to experiment with music across devices. Makes links to other subjects. Song writer, composition, recording. Used by lots of schools to support music technology especially if they don’t have iPads.

Useful links for Creative tools

Useful links for information about support for musicians/artists