Our Work

We are passionate about supporting music at all levels! To make it easier to explore what we do we’ve split our work into two areas: Engage and Elevate. Engage covers our supported music making for children, young people and vulnerable adults. Elevate is about supporting music careers, though recording, promoting, training and development, pick one of these areas below to find out more.

We also create Spaces for music making and creative arts. Over the years we’ve developed creative spaces in community centres, shopping malls, government buildings and park pavilions! To learn more about SoCo Creative Spaces click the link below.

Alongside our programme delivery we are committed to supporting music and the wider arts sector through our programme of strategic development. We link up with public services, academia, the business sector and public health to find ways to maximise the impact of music. We feel its important to represent creativity wherever possible, whether in education, health and wellbeing or community solutions. Click below to find out more.