SoCo has worked in partnership with many local day service groups to deliver music-making opportunities for adults with learning and/or physical disabilities; including St Denys Day Service, Way Ahead Day Service, Amity Supported Living, Eastleigh MENCAP and DICE. Courses have encompassed a range of activities, from songwriting and DJ-ing to drum circles and music video making.

Along with the use of traditional instrumentation, we use a variety of technology that makes music-making accessible to those with a range of learning or physical needs. These can be used to replicate real instruments through touch or motion sensitive iPad apps or to create totally original sounds to be played using sample pads. These apps can also support participants’ musical progression beyond courses.

In addition to our Adult Learning Programme, SoCo has developed further opportunities for those with learning disabilities to engage in creative activities. In Autumn 2015, SoCo held an LD Club Night at The Courthouse that featured an interactive DJ set and live jam session for current and former participants of our courses. New for 2018/19, we are also looking for core sponsors to enable us to develop a Creative Mentoring and Buddying Scheme that would build support networks and support long-term musical development.

If you are able to support one of our programmes, or to request a brochure, please get in touch:

It makes me feel happy all the way up to the next Tuesday when I come again.

ParticipantWay Ahead Day Service

It’s changed my life because I wouldn’t sing before. But now I’ve got the courage. I could do my own music. It’s something I’d love to do. To make my own band

ParticipantWay Ahead Day Service

Mark and Louis were great facilitators, engaging well from the start with all members of the group and creating a warm, safe atmosphere where everyone felt able to participate. This kind of creative freedom is not given often and we were fortunate to receive it. Participants felt valued and became more confident as the course wore on; they enjoyed the setting, the facilitators and valued other people in the group. They are looking forward to doing more things with SoCo

Michelle BonnelDevelopment officer, Eastleigh Borough Council

The course was fantastic, both SoCo people on day one interacted so well with our Service Users that they settled in brilliantly. I thought that this particular activity was money well spent, as each and everyone of the group really got something out of it. The two facilitators from SoCo were very professional in their approach and really made our service users feel welcome

Dave BurringtonSupport Worker, St Denys Day Service

I loved doing the DJ, like doing the vinyl and mixing up the music and mixing up the remix and everything. And it’s really enjoyable, a good laugh, we play together, have a good giggle, muck about and do some dancing. We can have our own music and mash it.

ParticipantEastleigh MENCAP

(My experience was) really incredible. I loved it. It helps me out in my career. It brings out my emotions and brings me out a bit. I’m working on the future.

ParticipantEastleigh MENCAP

SoCo became the highlight of our clients’ week. The confidence of many of our clients has grown over the course, not just making and exploring music, but with taking part in group activities and expressing themselves creatively

Anna McLeodAmity Supported Living

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