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In our series profiling the fantastic Sounds of Southampton Vol 2 artists, today we meet Nadia Kazemi
SoCo: Hi there! Could we start off with you telling me your name?
NK: Hi – I’m Nadia Kazemi
SoCo: And your track title?
NK: The track is TELL ME, it’s a collaboration with Melina Greene
SoCo: So – can you tell us – what have you learned through being involved in the project?
NK: I’ve learned about people as well as music – I’ve learned that everyone is similar due to our music interest, however everyone’s so different and unique at the same time which is great.
SoCo: How has being part of the project has helped you express yourself through your music, or develop your music?
NK: It has helped me express myself, as I’m connecting with different people and working with them, which brings unity and recognition
SoCo: What impact has this project had on your wellbeing, your emotional state?
NK: It has made me happy, excited and has made me look forward to future projects
SoCo: That’s great to hear, brilliant. Has the project helped you feel more focused, more motivated?
NK: Yes definitely
SoCo: What other thoughts or ideas or feedback do you have about the project as a whole?
NK: Overall I’ve really enjoyed myself and loved performing too – I just wish there were rehearsals
SoCo: What will your next step be?
NK: My next step will be making our music video for the song “TELL ME” and then I will focus on my next single
SoCo: Fantastic! So you’re going to go on and make more music. We can’t wait to hear that – make sure to tell us! Thanks Nadia, that’s great

Listen to Nadia’s track on Spotify here, and connect with her on Instagram here

Watch the launch video here and listen to the full album here

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