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Today, Sunday 13th February 2022, is World Radio Day

While the internet becomes more and more important to many of us, globally, radio remains affordable for most, and therefore is the most widely engaged with medium in the world. 

For people in places where the internet is not yet omnipresent, radio is a way of keeping in touch with the world beyond their community, hearing local, regional, national and international news, being entertained, and in times of crisis, radio plays a crucial role in emergency communication and disaster relief.

Community radio reaches out to those who are under-represented in the mainstream, offering specific programming for groups who do not see and hear themselves elsewhere. Because of this, listeners often feel a strong connection to their community radio stations, and trust them deeply.

We are fortunate here in Southampton to have three wonderful community radio stations – Awaaz, Voice FM and Unity 101 – providing work, volunteering opportunities and a range of voices, thoughts, cultures and music from within our city. If you’ve not listened to them yet, why not try them today, on World Radio Day? 

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