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Join us as we meet another of the fantastic Sounds of Southampton Vol2 artist – today we meet Melina Green

SoCo: Hi there Melina! Can you start us off by telling us your name and your track title please?

MG: Yes. I’m Melina Greene and my track is Tell Me

SoCo: Great, thanks. Now then – what have you learned through being involved in the project?

MG: Two great things! That anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and to enjoy what you’re doing!

SoCo:  Fantastic, thanks. How has being part of the project has helped you express yourself through your music, or develop your music?

MG: I have met new people in the industry through this project as well as other talented artists.

SoCo: Great, ok,. Thanks. And what impact has this project had on your wellbeing, your emotional state?

MG: It has had a positive impact on me as it’s reminded me how much I love performing and recording new music that people can vibe too.

SoCo: That’s so good to hear. Has the project helped in other ways, made you feel more focused, more motivated?

MG: Yes definitely as it’s motivated me to be more consistent with my music, as it reminds me how much I love it whilst we’re recording the track and music video. 

SoCo: Great! Do you have any other thoughts or ideas or feedback do you have about the project as a whole?

MG: Nothing, I think it’s a great project as it is!

SoCo: Awesome, thank you. To finish up then – what will your next step be?

MG: Making more new music!

SoCo: We’re glad to hear that! Share it when you have it!

Listen to Melina’s track on Spotify here, and connect with her on Instagram here

Watch the launch video here and listen to the full album here

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