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In our series profiling the artists  on the Sounds of Southampton Volume 2 album today we meet Milson

SoCo: So hello! First of all, can you tell me your name?

Milson: Yep, I go by the name of Milson.

SoCo: Great, thanks. How has the project been for you – what new skills do you think you’ve developed through being part of this project?

Milson: Definitely being able to work with someone closely. Collaboration is not really a thing I’ve done a lot of. For me and Shannon B, to come together on a song, to get used to being in a crowd and performing and mingling with other artists, and then how to network, that’s definitely one of the positive things that I’ve gained from it personally.

SoCo: Yeah, cool. How long have you been doing music?

Milson: Since I was about 16, but for various reasons, I didn’t actually make any music until January this year. Something just sort of said, jump back on it. The year I’ve had this year has been mental – it’s been really positive.

SoCo:  Do you think that being part of the project has help you to express yourself more through music?

Milson Yeah, yeah, definitely. 100%.

SoCo:  Okay, great. And what about your progression? Do you feel like it’s helped you with your development or your music progression?

Milson: Yeah. 100% 100%, obviously, being able to network with other artists and listen to the vibes, it helps you progress, knowing that your city has got a lot of talent. 

SoCo: Do you feel like you were connected with the Southampton music scene beforehand? 

Milson: I’ve known about a lot of the artists in the town, but I’ve never spoken to any of them. So being able to come out and meet everybody, and actually put faces to the names, that’s massive.

SoCo: That’s great. So as far as wellbeing goes, do you think this projects helped you with your well being, your mental health, your mood?

Milson: Yeah, 100%. Obviously the last week of posting has been nothing but good news. We’ve been the radio, we’ve been in the Southampton Football Club Stadium, the music videos been paid – trying to do this for yourself is very expensive, and that’s what a lot of artists struggle with, is funds. Even just to get a studio session, three hours, that’s £90 which doesn’t seem like a lot of money to some people, but really does to other people. And so on. So yes, it’s definitely helped.

SoCo: Yeah. Cool. Do you feel its maybe taken some of the pressure off?

Milson: Yeah. Yeah. 100% that this is all funded takes off a big load of pressure. And this is an amazing opportunity for everybody who’s been involved.

SoCo: Cool. And as far as like your outlook now, do you think has is helped you have a more positive outlook, are you feeling more optimistic?

Milson: Yeah, I’m ready to roll into next year and start setting some really high levels. I’m definitely ready to roll.

SoCo: Great. That’s, that’s really great. That leads on to my next question. Has it helped make you feel empowered, more focused? Do you think you can set goals?

Milson: 100%. Absolutely. This has been a massive, massive confidence boost. for me, and every other artist. It’s completely raised us all up you know, these opportunities we haven’t had before. Really, to have that now is massive.

SoCo: That’s really great. Thanks So, do you have any other thoughts about the project, any other feedback?

Milson: I’m not really sure it’s, it’s such a massive project, a massive opportunity – it’s hard to set a bar above that. 

SoCo: So what’s next for you?

Milson: Next, well – I’ve got a few collabs and a few more drops happening before the end of the year. But next year, I can’t say too much about it, but I’ve got some real big collabs coming. I started this year with, I think 100 follower on Insta, jump back on music and I’ve just hit 10k followers on Insta so the growth has been has been massive. I’ve had some really famous people reposting my music, commenting on my stuff. So this year’s been great and I’m definitely ready for next year.

SoCo: And what do you think would make the biggest difference to help you move forward, maybe going from that 10k to 100k followers?

Milson: What would make the biggest difference? I think investing in yourself is the biggest thing. A lot of a lot of artists will think they need to part of a platform to be to be heard, but the problem with the big platforms is they’ll release seven songs in one day on the same platform at various times. It’s harder for artists to get heard. So I think putting a bit of money into yourself and investing in yourself and as a brand as well, you need to be marketable, and things like that definitely help 100%

SoCo:  Interesting. So going a bit deeper into that idea of marketing yourself as a brand. What would be most useful for you? Is it about understanding how to market yourself, is it about graphic design? What is it?

Milson: Marketing yourself is 100 different things – you can market yourself in multiple ways but knowing which ways to market and promote yourself is important. You have to have an image and you have to selling yourself as a product. To go big, you have to be marketable. That’s my main focus for next year. I definitely feel I’ve got my own style. So marketing myself and trying to bring my character out, in my music more, is what my plans are.

SoCo: Great. Brilliant. Cool. Any final thoughts?

Milson: Just a massive thank you to you guys for involving me in this project. Everybody who’s been involved with it massively appreciates it and it’s just great, and also great to see everybody come together and be part of this.

SoCo: Brilliant. Thanks so much Milson!

Listen to Milson’s track on Spotify here, and connect with him on Instagram here

Watch the launch video here and listen to the full album here

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