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Today in our series of the Sounds of Southampton Vol 2 artist profiles, we meet Joseph Petty

SoCo: Hi Joseph, could we start with you telling me your name and the name of your track, please?

JP: Yes – I’m Joseph Petty and my track is called Low-Key Denied, it’s a collaboration with Leah Tolksdorf

SoCo: What would you say you have you learned through being involved in the project?

JP: I have learnt some great tips in mixing and how to produce an instrumental tailored to the Soul/Funk/Lo-Fi genres. The project has also helped me to produce music more efficiently under the pressure of a short deadline.

SoCo: How has being part of the project has helped you express yourself through your music, or develop your music?

JP: I tried something new. Beats can sometimes become quite repetitive, but for this track I wanted to move away from that idea. I recorded a range of instruments from my bedroom including piano, chromatic harmonica, clav and synths to produce an instrumental with varied sections.

SoCo: Wow, that’s amazing! It sounds great. So – moving on a bit – what impact has this project had on your wellbeing, your emotional state?

JP: It was a pleasure to receive the email from Matt after many years and I am grateful that he asked me to be part of this project. Maybe my music doesn’t fit into this category directly but I felt privileged to be given the opportunity to combine elements of my style with Leah’s style.

SoCo: It fits! Has the project helped you feel more focused, more motivated?

JP: Yes.To be shortlisted as one of the 24 artists across the city and to spend a few hours in a professional studio has motivated me to keep creating content.

SoCo:What other thoughts or ideas or feedback do you have about the project as a whole?

JP: The project was professional as a whole. It was fun and rewarding but it would have been helpful to have access to a rehearsal space.

SoCo: Yes, that’s important.And now – what will your next step be?

JP: Continue creating with a motive to perform live.

Listen to Joseph’s track on Spotify here, and connect with him on Instagram here

Watch the launch video here and listen to the full album here

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